Brian Rump

My name is Brian Rump.
I'm excited to help you find success.

I love playing a role in making others more successful.

Brian Rump

My name is Brian Rump.
I'm excited to help you find success.

I love playing a role in making others more successful.

1. About Brian Rump

I’ve always loved learning new things and challenging myself. I often joke that everyone needs a little terror in their professional life. At Trent University I majored in Canadian Studies. What the heck is that? It’s the study of Canada from many angles: History, English, Geography, Indigenous studies, gender studies, political studies, economics, sociology, philosophy—even a small taste of physics. I learned to approach issues from different angles. The balance between perspectives comes natural to me.

At Fleming College I studied financial management, accounting, marketing, economics, and entrepreneurship.

My most challenging class? Financial management.

Interpreting financial statements, it would turn out, is how I would build my career.

At the Bank of Montreal, as a personal and small business banker, I worked with a diverse group of customers in a wide range of economic situations. My colleagues in Toronto would specialize in one product (such as loans, mortgages, or investments), or in one industry (manufacturing, or retail franchises). In the Kawartha Lakes, I served clients in every category. I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses, and I have a lot of success stories on which to draw. I thrive on being a key part of a team working behind the scenes to help achieve success.

I left BMO to work on the funding side of business. Working mostly in manufacturing and food processing, I’ve helped secure millions of dollars for businesses to super-charge their growth.

I love when my writing is pasted into news releases. I love buying products I had a hand in growing. And I love when media features the success stories of the businesses I’ve worked with.

It’s all about them—they are the stars—and I love knowing I helped along the way.

YouGroup is the perfect way for me to spread my love of leading people and businesses to success.

My Blueprint

2. What’s my Blueprint for success?

My success is not focussed on specific goals or milestones I must achieve. Success, to me, is measured by how I feel. And I feel happy and balanced.


I want to work on projects where I help others become successful. I want to unlock their potential so they realize just how awesome they are. I want to help build better businesses. Great business leaders have great ideas, but they don’t have enough time in their day. As a strategic resource, I can unlock the next level of success. And that makes me feel good about what I do. No consultant-ese, no confusing contracts, no services you don’t need. Just value that leads you to success.


From a personal perspective, I want to continue to develop as a professional. I deliberately practice new skills and learn new things. I love cooking! And I find time to exercise to stay my version of fit.


From a family perspective, I want long-term financial stability. I want more freedom to choose the quality of lifestyle we want. My favourite family times? Hanging out, or getting together at big family gatherings.


From a community perspective, I’ve always loved volunteering. I grew up in Scouts Canada. I was an administrative leader as a Scout, Venturer, and Rover.

I continue to volunteer! I serve as a Director of the Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce, as well as President of the Board for VCCS Employment Services.

I also participate in the community: I help with City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development projects in Fenelon Falls, and I engage in issues that impact the community.

It is important to my family to give back. Through we give monthly to Kawartha Lakes Food Source, Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes, and the Canadian Hero Fund.

I'm excited to help you find success.

Are You Ready?