Greg Evans

I'm Greg Evans.
I want to help you build a master plan for a successful life.

I’m passionate about helping you turn your vision into reality.

Greg Evans

I’m Greg Evans.
I want to help you build a master plan for a successful life.

I’m passionate about helping you turn your vision into reality.

1. About Greg Evans

One of my greatest strengths, and something I pride myself on, is my ability to comfortably communicate with people to create solutions that help them realize their dreams. I am a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit. These qualities have served me well, both in my profession as an accountant, and in my role as a business advisor to my clients.

My accounting career has spanned more than 20 years. During this time, I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals, businesses and not-for-profit clients across a wide range of sectors. I help them address their accounting and audit needs, as well as personal tax and estate planning and preparation.

As an entrepreneur, I co-developed an entrepreneurship model called Blueprint Thinking, which helps creative-minded business people determine, focus on and track areas of importance.

One of the things that I’ve realized—something that gets me excited and led to the creation of YouGroup — is that business success doesn’t always mean life success. To find true success, we need to focus on all the important areas of our lives. When I was young professional, I noticed that the more I was driven by business success the less I focused on other areas of my life, such as family and personal wellbeing. Although I was happy about my business success, I realized that to be happy in life I also needed balance. That’s when I created Blueprint Thinking.

Just as a blueprint is the master plan in the house building process, Blueprint Thinking is the master plan for building a successful life.

My Blueprint

2. Learn about my Blueprint for success.

For me, success means finding equilibrium among my business aspirations, personal goals, family commitments and community needs.


My approach to business emphasizes planning, goal setting, and monitoring areas of high priority within my organization that are critical to its success. Regular planning, goal setting and monitoring for accountability are critical steps for me.

These steps are just as critical for business owners who want to be successful. Yet based on my experience, they’re often overlooked. It takes time and resources to manage this process. But the benefits are worth it.

This kind of approach can help you to zero in on what’s important, provide clarity in decision-making, spur motivation for change, and offer more control over your company’s future.


On a personal level, I strive to remain fit and active. I pursue a healthy lifestyle so that I can keep up with my son and look forward to an active and healthy retirement. I love learning and am constantly growing my skills and knowledge. I also commit to spending time doing things that I enjoy, like golfing and drumming.


My family means the world to me. My main focus is to secure and maintain financial stability for my family, and to carve out quality family time—like spending time at the rink helping to coach my son’s hockey team. These types of activities help us create memories that will last a lifetime.


Through our community involvement and financial contributions, my family and I strive to make a difference and create a long-term legacy.

We’re big believers in giving back to the community. We reflect this not only in our personal interests, but also in my professional work. I have served as treasurer for the Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce, Kawartha Lakes Estate Planning Council and Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation. I’m also a member and past president of the Rotary Club of Lindsay.

At work, we regularly hold fundraisers and events for local charities. At home, my wife is a member of 100 Women Who Care Kawartha Lakes, an organization that supports the wellbeing and vitality of the community by financially contributing to local organizations in need. Through both personal and business donations, our family contributes financially to various charities of importance to us, locally and abroad.

I'm ready to put my strategic thinking to work for you.

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