Liz Gavin

I'm Liz Gavin.
I'm excited to help you find success.

I’m passionate about helping you turn your vision into reality.

Liz Gavin

I’m Liz.
My passion is people and helping companies succeed.

I’m passionate about helping you turn your vision into reality.

1. About Liz Gavin

Before I began my career in HR, my mentor suggested that I choose a path where I would be excited to go to work every day and make a difference. I chose HR and haven’t looked back since. Today, I have had the privilege providing the same opportunities with others while helping companies build their talent and create winning teams.

I am a seasoned HR executive with experience in retail, insurance and utilities. My passion is people balancing HR with strategic business initiatives.

I have worked along side with brilliant minds have learned the value in collaboration and synergy – from creation of great ideas to implementation and outcome. Not all ideas are successful but I truly believe in failing forward. Nothing is lost as long as we learn.

YouGroup provides me the opportunity to learn from you and help you and your company build a people strategy that will not only support your initiatives but ultimately become your secret sauce.

My Blueprint

2. Learn about my Blueprint for success.

Success is not just about winning; it’s about loving what you do and sharing that passion with your family, friends and community.


I believe the foundation of a successful business is a balance between being smart and being healthy.

Smart means looking after your financials, your expenses; the bottom line.

Healthy means creating a culture that defines your business capabilities, encourages learning and collaboration and leveraging your people as a competitive advantage.

As a strategic HR partner I can help you find that balance, reducing turnover, increasing morale, building an agile workforce for tomorrow.


On a personal level I am a perpetual learner. I take online courses to keep my knowledge current. I love spending time with my partner and going for long walks with my dog, Piper.


Like you, I would like more financial stability and plan for a comfortable retirement. I love traveling, camping and family gatherings.


I live in Lindsay and I love the community and the people. After living in the city for a number of years it’s not hard to appreciate the quality of life Kawartha Lakes offers.

I have served on the board for Kawartha Lakes Victim Services where I learned the true meaning of selfless giving. I had the privilege to serve as Chair for 2 years and learned about authentic leadership and strategic partner.

Today I help local seniors with the little things they find hard to do. It gives me satisfaction to help people continue to live independently as long as they can. I also provide financial donations to charities that have meaning to me.

I'm ready to put my strategic thinking to work for you.

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