You have a Blueprint for success. And you know your barriers to success.
So now what?

It’s time to tackle external tasks!

At YouGroup, we are here to help.

You have a Blueprint for success. And you know your barriers to success.
So now what?

It’s time to tackle external tasks!

At YouGroup, we are here to help.

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Strategic Business Consulting Services.

For those tasks that you can’t tackle internally, we leverage our professional experience to help. If we don’t have the skills you need, we will use our network of contacts to find someone who does.

Here’s what we can do for your business or organization:

Business and Strategic Plans.

You need a plan! From a 3-page summary, to a big boring document for the bank, we create a plan that’s relevant to you.

Feasibility Study.

Do you have a new idea but you’re not sure if it will work?
We’ll take a look, do some research, and run some numbers. YouGroup will tell you if your idea is something you should explore.

Grant Funding For Your Business.

Government grant funding is such a large part of what we do that we’ve created a whole page dedicated to it. A grant strategy is reflective of your overall business strategy! There are a lot of things we can do to improve your chances of winning government funding.

Accounting and Bookkeeping.

Through our partner, Greg Evans Professional Corporation, we can solve your accounting and bookkeeping issues.

Human Resources

Do you have consistent policies for your staff? Do you have a recruiting, hiring, and training strategy that fits with your business strategy?

Process Improvement

We use process improvement methods to help identify ways to be more efficient and more profitable.


From a bank, alternative lender, or the government, YouGroup knows where to find the funds you need, and we know what funders are looking for.

Sales and Marketing

Your business provides value to your clients, but why are sales below expectation? We can help look at your strategy, sales practices, and marketing to make a plan for profitable growth.

Data Management

How are you collecting and managing data? How do you use that data to make decisions? Are you even collecting data? We can help create a plan to determine what data you have, what you should collect, and how to use it to make your business better.

Succession Planning

Is change coming? Do you want to sell and retire or pass your business along to your children or key employees? What if a key employee leaves? YouGroup creates succession plans. Avoid unexpected barriers to your success!


We can do it all for you, or we can train you how to do it. Sure we have some secret sauce, but if your path to success is better achieved by learning to do it yourself, we can help there too. Whether it’s grant strategy, grant writing, process improvement, or business operations, we can develop a training program for you and your staff. This training may even be eligible for a grant!

Economic Development

Are you a business group or a municipality? We can help engage local businesses, do research, design business plans, or provide speakers and training to your group.

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